Best practices for engaging long-term care insurance policyholders through Decision Science

Whether it’s the who, when, why, or how, customer engagement is a persistent and multifaceted challenge for long-term care insurers.

In this webinar, Montoux’s Klaas Stijnen, Oliver Wyman’s Stephanie Moench, Healthsperien's Jeanne De Sa, and Mike Hughes from Mitchell-Lowey discuss how carriers can get it right, leveraging data, new technologies, and Decision Science to figure out how to engage the right customer in the right way at the right time.
What will you learn?
  • The key obstacles and behaviors that keep customers from engaging and how to effectively move past them
  • The data and technologies available to long-term care insurance carriers to help improve engagement
  • How to leverage decision science, data science, and subject matter expertise to deeply understand engagement potential of various customer segments
  • Successful examples of what works in Medicare, such as direct response marketing, and how to apply these techniques practically to LTC

Start time: 3:00pm EST, September 15, 2021
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Klaas Stijnen

Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Montoux

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Stephanie Moench

Senior Consultant at Oliver Wyman


Michael Hughes

Principal at Mitchell-Lowey LLC

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Jeanne De Sa

Senior Partner and President at Healthsperien